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Our Projects.

“We seek to take the idea, product or service of a client and connect it with the right people, corporations, and buyers in order to bring our clients’ products and services to the global marketplace.”


IJ2 carefully projects, plans, organizes, motivates, and controls resources to achieve specific goals set by our clients towards their measurement of success for a given initiative.


The focus of IJ2’s marketing strategy is making sure that our clients products and services meet their consumer needs and developing long-term and profitable relationships with those consumers. To achieve this, IJ2 creates flexible strategies that can respond to changes in consumer perceptions and demand. If necessary, identify whole new markets that the client can successfully target.

Strategic Planning.

SIJ2 develops detailed marketing strategies and plans for clients to help increase awareness in the defined market the client is seeking to reach. The purpose of this plan is to positively affect its target audience. Each plan contains check points to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and determining adjustments to be made to increase efficiency.

Public Relations.

IJ2 approaches the sensitive business of Public Relations with moral integrity and excellence. It is our priority to develop and maintain each client’s positive public image, while manufacturing functional opportunities for both career and personal growth.

Brand and Brand Development.

We manage the process for developing a new brand, improving a brand, and/or improving consumer knowledge and opinions of a brand. “We seek to take the idea, product or service of a client and devise a brand strategy that will set its brand standards and identity apart. IJ2 intends to connect the brand with the right people, corporations, and buyers to bring our clients’ products and services to the global marketplace.”

Web Design and Development.

During the design process IJ2 works closely with the client in creating the layout and other visual elements of the website. IJ2 takes that design and bring them to life in the form of a website. Finally, we use SEO strategies to maximize the traffic to your site by improving page rank within search engines.

Project and Event Management.

IJ2 seeks to ensure that all criteria are met towards creating an exciting and efficient event/project that will (1) maintain the integrity of the event/project and (2) effectively service the respective needs of the participants, sponsors, and clients involved.

Who Are We.

IJ2 is a complete marketing firm with a holistic perspective. Most marketing companies will brand and create “eye candy” for clients. This often leaves clients holding a bag of tricks with no audience. IJ2 creatively brands, while also providing our clients with a detailed marketing strategy exclusively designed to lead each client to their vision of success.

Our Process.

Through continuous research analysis, we anticipate the ever-changing trends and demands of the urban, suburban, and professional market place. Our staff is made up of highly motivated and innovative professionals who seek to set new trends and establish higher standards in the world of marketing. Here at IJ2, our exceptional research and strategic planning process has become our signature.

Our Approach.

IJ2 is able to handle all phases of any marketing campaign within our firm. This delivers impressive cost-effective multimedia marketing opportunities to our clientele. IJ2 has cultivated impactful relationships with major commercial players, manufacturers, and distributors in the global market place. These relationships allow us to place our client’s products, services, and offerings a significant functional platform, while establishing a significant presence with their target demographic.

Our Goal.

Plans and strategies need to be fluid, able to adjust and adapt for the purpose reaching goals. IJ2’s goal is to use the strengths of our clients and match them to the needs of the consumers they want to target. Identifying our client’s consumers and their needs through market research, and then addressing them more successfully than our client’s competitors.

Our Mission.

JL2’S mission is not only to find what works, but also to create innovative ways of implementing proven strategies. As a result, we consistently position our clients to draw a response from their target audience and connect with them to develop a meaningful and profitable relationship, yielding a significant Return on Investment.

Meet Our Team.

Monicia Gardner


A graduate from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Monicia was a scholar athlete, graduating with a BA in Psychology and later perusing an MBA in Marketing. As the CEO of IJ2, Monicia provides sound business operations leadership and challenges the staff to exceed expectations daily.

Brydnee Whitley

Marketing Manager

A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, Tx. Brydnee double majored in Communication Advertising and Public Relations. As the Marketing Manager, Brydnee provides sound marketing leadership daily.

Oliver Wells

Business Analyst

A graduate of the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Ar. Oliver was a scholar-athlete, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Management and Logistics. As the Analyst of IJ2, Oliver advises and analyses day-to-day business operations.

Crystal James

Business Concepts

Crystal James earned her Master’s in Business Administration. Throughout her career, served in sever capacities. Most recently, Crystal has served as a Community Directors at the Housing Authority, where she was committed to fostering community partnerships and programs with focus on workforce development, wellness, safety, and education.

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